Character Design + Live2D Rigging one-stop Commission!
Commission Process

Character Design

Match Artist

Confirm the Design

Build Live2D Model

Model Deliver

Plan Compare

Traditional Live2D Commission


Don't know how to find your artists and modelers.

The search engine prioritizes displaying well-known artists and modelers.

That waiting time for order processing is long

and the fees are relatively expensive.

(Full-body model drawing & average cost of $4000-7000*

+Live2D Modeling $4000*)

A deposit of 50% of the total amount is required.

Commissioning Plan✦

According to your character setting

I will pair you with an artist who excels in your preferred style.

We will search for an artist within your budget

who excels in your preferred style

We can utilize Live2D modeling techniques to reduce the time

and cost of the modeling process

We can deliver a high-quality model at a reasonable price.

You only need to pay a deposit of $998*

(We will prepay the deposit fee for the artist on your behalf.

Reduce the burden of paying a large amount of money at once.)

If you have any concerns or payment issues, please contact us.Contact us