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VTuber | Production | Animation
Credit by: nijisanji
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Playground supports custom props in PNG, JPG, GIF, Live2D formats, with built-in text input, Giphy library, Acts function, and Player frame. These features make it easier to create multi-VTuber streaming!
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Send links, start collab with friends
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Skip complicated fine-tuning and refining by letting your friends also have full visibility of the stage
Share links with guests and start within minutes
Support up to 12 players*
(*Depends on your subscription plan)
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From OBS to Stage: let software do the heavy lifting during your stream
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Use shortcuts to reposition items and layouts.
Compose previously impossible scenes with our stage system
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Never sacrifice streaming quality
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Avoid green screen
No more fuzzy edges and blurry models with direct transparency in OBS
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Playground providing 3 plans for different needs.



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✦ Supports 4-VTuber Collab
✦ 1 Model Slot
✦ 25 Custom Props

For creating simple multi-vtuber interactive collab streaming
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VTuber collaborations have always been a hassle, but Playground has been the perfect solution to all of the technical problems involved in collabs. I can't recommend Playground enough to every VTuber I talk to.