Join Playground v2 Early Beta

Playground v2 is around the corner!

👋 It’s been so long and we are wrapping up a huge update ✨ for Playground!

It's now in the beta stage and we are looking for early testers and hoping to do a few more iterations on your feedback 💬.

Head to our discord the get the super early access role now! 🙋

Introducing Playground v2 Beta

Playground v2 brings a whole different perspective to vtubing. We are transforming Playground to fully editable in a multiplayer context.

Major New Features!

  • ⚙️ Fully customised stage with images and gifs. Create customised stage that can be shared with guest.
  • 🎮 Props shouldn't get stuck locally! Guest can throw, move, snatch your props, or bring their favourite bedtime pillow by importing PNG, JPG, GIF, live2d as prop.

Redesigning from the ground up

Playground v2 introduces a redesigned interface and a huge leap forward with tons of new features.

  • 🕹️ Revamped quick room system
  • 🤖 Model hot swapping
  • 🕺 Built-in mocap
  • 🎤 Audio chat
Major layout changes for v2.
Major layout changes for v2.

📽️ Introducing Playground Stage

Imagine you are the director, now possible to compose up to 6 stages in Playground v2! Now support various file format, PNG, JPG, GIF, and even live2d props!

Simply drag and drop your props into the stage area, and will get imported and shared with the room's user right away.

With the prop list, you can easily reorder players' and props' layering order.

Stage layout overview.
Stage layout overview.

🎬 Introducing Acts

With Playground v2's new transition system - Acts, it unlocks a whole new streaming and content creation paradigm.

You can choose to hide and show props in different Acts, and the transform will be smoothly transitioned.

Changing from Act 1 from Act 2.
Changing from Act 1 from Act 2.

✍️ Lastly, few things to note!

  • v2 is a huge rewrite! and a lot of the existing content in v1 is not yet fully supported.
  • v2 introduces a different workflow compared to v1, and is not yet fully finalized.
  • v1 will be kept running for a while until v2 is fully compatible.

See you in discord! Get the super early access role now!

🙏 Stage assets used for demo
1. Props, Background: AOmaterial
2. Table: ArgamaWitch